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Stig Jæger KronvoldI am Stig A. K. Jæger Kronvold. I am in my forties, married to Heidi and proud father of Elliot and Anne Petra.

Professional values and experiences

This site is mostly about my professional life. You can dive into the details of what I have worked with so far. What I have taken with me from each professional experience and what my approach and style is, as well as a bit on what I value.

it is like lego bricks

In short I am deeply facinated by management of projects of a bunch of reasons. I love to be part of creating something new and different. I thrive by driving change towards meaningful goals. I love to get something to work, to connect the dots and create and share an overview of what seems to be chaos.

tags and titles

Currently the title on my tag is  Senior Project Manager. On the way it has also been Business Unit-, Portfolio- , Program- and Project Manager.

I have always loved complexity.

In my childhood I played with Lego bricks, I played the piano and trumpet and designed mazes for fun. It lead me first to mathematics, physics and chemistry and during my final year at high school to philosophy.

Some years later I graduated from University of Aarhus as Cand. Phil and Mag. Art. in Philosophy. It took me 5 years of teaching at the university before I was inspired to use my abilities outside the walls.

I am facinated by the way we as humans use each other as mirrors to create sense of things. I am facinated by the dynamics of the rules of behaivior and language we create and constantly change. We live in a dynamic game the sence of witch we create on the fly as we move through each others life.

To me the simplicity of everyday is anything but simple nor borring in even it’s most pure form.

Originally I come from the romantic countryside of Jutland.

I have played in snow on the hills around Vejle, I have biked my way through the villages of mid-jutland, enjoyed the life on a farm, and the silence of the fjord in Vest-Jutland. By now I have lived most of my life in Aarhus, where I also live today with my wonderful family.

how to contact me

You are always welcome to contact me at or through my LinkedIn profile.

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